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jzForum is a simple forum system based on the jZonic framework that supports multiple forums and RSS feeds for forums, categories, and threads. User and rights management is integrated. It is very easy to install because it uses hypersonic as a database, although it can be used with different databases. The look and feel can easily be changed using CSS. It currently supports user, moderator, and admin roles with a defined set of permissions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2005 21:23

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where user could not change his password. The forum was not working when the installation directory contained spaces in the directory name. Editing of a reply is now working. It created a new reply in v1.3. The fix was to update to the latest version of jLo and jConfig.

    •  13 Jul 2005 08:54

      Release Notes: This release covers a lot of bugfixes. A private messaging system is now included. Users have an email-like system to send messages to others. There is a also a quota system included to define the maximum number of mails every user can have. The admin section has improved a lot. There are now more sections included which let the admin configure the aspects and parts of the forum.

      •  23 Nov 2004 08:10

        Release Notes: Issues that prevented the register user function from working was fixed. "remember me" functionality was added. During login, every user can now elect that the system should remember them on their next visit and log them in automatically. A mail gateway that sends new posts to a list of email addresses watching threads was added. Several bugfixes and improvements were made concerning the editing and deletion of threads.

        •  13 Oct 2004 08:27

          Release Notes: In this version, the main work was done on all themes and they have been improved and a lot of small bugs were fixed in the layouts. The polling subsystem is now using a cache to boost performance. This cache is now also prepared correctly. The user info page now shows the last recent posts by this user. A nice little feature is that now similiar objects underneath posts are shown. All views and commands have been refactored to use the new jZonic- validators and all have been upgraded to latest version of jZonic.

          •  04 Oct 2004 12:05

            Release Notes: This version added support for internationalization with German and English translations. A full-featured polling system was implemented. The admin can now close and reopen threads. The last actions are now also internationalized and are converted on the fly. All requests are now logged to an access_log file in the standard format defined by the W3C.


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