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Juta (Java Usenet Traffic Analyzer) is a Java (1.2 or higher) command line program that reads a text file with Usenet postings, and creates an HTML file with statistical information of those postings. This includes a list of the longest threads, authors with most postings, operating systems and newsclients used, and more. The inclusion of person-related information can be turned off to ensure privacy. The program is distributed as an executable JAR that also contains the source code. Also included in the distribution are several tools to process news postings: sort and count them, remove duplicates, list information on postings, grep and filter them.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Sep 2001 13:49

    Release Notes: Two sections that show the distribution of genders by authors and by postings were added. Header fields which are encoded according to RFC 1342 are now decoded. In addition to absolute values, some tables now also include percentage values. Several switches have been added to specify what will be included in the output. Processing of directory trees now only creates output when necessary (i.e. when the HTML file is missing or is older than the corresponding text file).

    •  04 Sep 2001 07:59

      Release Notes: Message files in rnews format are now read. HTML output quality was improved (table summaries and meta elements were added, and standards conformance and readability were improved). Program parameters can now be used to exclude the various statistics sections. New directory mode can create statistics for a complete archive of Usenet postings. Output filename is now automatically created from month, year, and input filename if not explicitly specified.

      •  26 Aug 2001 22:19

        Release Notes: This release adds the inclusion of top URLs (HTTP addresses mentioned most often). Six new command line programs to count news postings, sort them by message ID, remove duplicates, list information (one line per posting), search postings for regular expressions and filter them by month or newsgroup have been added. Reading from stdin and writing to stdout is now about four times faster.


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