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junkfilter is a procmail-based spam filtering system that is both configurable and customizable.

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31 Aug 2001 19:58 locutuz

Re: Home built skripty to help w/ cpu load w/ junkfilter
correction on 2nd url. perl script is at

31 Aug 2001 19:57 locutuz

Home built skripty to help w/ cpu load w/ junkfilter
I've implemented junkfilter on a system-wide basis with apx 10k users. On a 1ghz system load typically is around 2.00. However; during spikes of incoming spam it can max out the cpu entirely. To conquor this I made a quick little script in shell code (yes.. i dont know how to program.. if anyone wants to convert this to perl that would be great).

Anyhow, the script watches the junkfilter.log file, and based on threshold values set in vars at top of script and upon threshold limit it will add them to sendmail's access deny file for a specified amount of time, and expire upon another variable entry.

So, if spammer sends more than 10 messages in a 60 second interval, it will add them to the deny list and they wont be able to send any more messages. Works well for me and completely eliminates my load spikes that junkfilter has when receiving hundreds of spams/minute.

The script is at:

Also required is small perl script at:


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