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Java Tree Builder

JTB is a syntax tree builder to be used with the Java Compiler Compiler (JavaCC) parser generator.  It takes a plain JavaCC grammar file as input and automatically generates a set of syntax tree classes based on the productions in the grammar, utilizing the Visitor design pattern, two interfaces, Visitor and GJVisitor, two depth-first visitors, DepthFirstVisitor and GJDepthFirst, whose default methods simply visit the children of the current node, and a JavaCC grammar jtb.out.jj with the proper annotations to build the syntax tree during parsing. New visitors, which subclass DepthFirstVisitor or GJDepthFirst, can override the default methods and perform various operations on and manipulate the generated syntax tree. 

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Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2005 06:18

    Release Notes: A scoping problem with some of the productions that occurred when a grammar with embedded Java code was given was fixed. The program was adding curly braces around declarations, which would prevent them from being seen at the place where they were being used.

    •  28 Sep 2004 07:36

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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