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Java Stencil Report

Java Stencil Report is a tool that makes writing grades, students evaluations, and school reports faster. A set of pre-defined sentences speeds up the writing process. It has a small vector graphics editor for creating a fully customizable print model, which allows you to print over any kind of school report format, but also export to PDF or PostScript. It is designed for schools, but can be used to write any kind of judgement.

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Recent releases

  •  21 Jun 2012 09:28

    Release Notes: This release adds various new features including CSV export, text line spacing control in the print model editor, and an enhanced prefix-suffix system in the evaluation wizard. A critical issue related to a Java Virtual Machine bug that lead to a fatal error in the main report frame was fixed.

    •  21 Nov 2007 07:45

      Release Notes: A new menu has been added to drive users between the functions of the program. All of the application has been redrawn around the new menu. The entire interface has been enhanced and modified to be simpler. Some bugs have been fixed.

      •  26 Sep 2007 03:46

        Release Notes: A bug in the print model was fixed: every print model now works with all kind of periodizations. "Form Name" was added in the print model text box object. Control point radius selection is now adjusted at different zooms, and the zoom factor is now limited to 6x. PDF and PS advanced settings were added. Some localizations were added.

        •  13 Sep 2007 02:25

          Release Notes: The tool can now export in PostScript and PDF format (with the Apache FOP library). An image object was added in the print model editor. It is now possible to save Evaluation Wizard files even if there is no stencil inside. The file filter class was enhanced to also support one point extensions (*.PDF, *.PS). The error dialog, window close, about dialog, text box, and open/save dialog were improved and a new icon was added.

          •  27 Aug 2007 14:42

            Release Notes: A new dialog was added to quickly add pre-inserted evaluation sentences. A save button was added in the evaluation wizard dialog. The dialog to create a new print model was enhanced. The text box in the print model now splits lines correctly and doesn't cut words. JScrollpane was annotated to indicate that looping and enlarging indefinitely in Text Box properties have been removed. Print model paper size and orientation are now recognized correctly in the print dialog. The Print model save menu command will call "Save As" if a new document is created.


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