Comments for The Coolest DHTML Calendar

08 Oct 2004 05:56 knigits

Great work.
This utility is extremely well done. I like it so much that I use it in my own project (

10 Feb 2004 11:02 traviscarden

Indredible Product!
Holy (freaking) cow! I've looked all over for a JavaScript calendar that works half this well! So full-featured, and I couldn't find a modern browser it didn't work in! Thanks!!

12 Mar 2003 03:18 ejr_bos

Extreme compliments
Extremely wel done!
I've been working on this for some time myself, but yours is more versatile and more pretty.

One thought: Europe uses ISO week numbers(mostly), but US en UK use: week of 1 januari is week 1.
BTW. week 0 in januari 2000.


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