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jregex is a regular expression library for Java. Its main features include support for Perl 5.6 regexp syntax, Unicode, high performance, named groups, incomplete matching, filesystem utilities, and more. It is compatible with JDK 1.1 and later versions.


Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2002 18:11

    Release Notes: The stack model has been revised to speed things up.

    •  29 May 2002 18:12

      Release Notes: The PathPattern class now accepts wildcards in directory names and any-path wildcards (such as "/**/*.class"). The files are enumerated by PathPattern.enumerateFiles() method using a lazy search approach. Plus, this class now inherits from the Pattern class with all consequences. Some additions were also made to WildcardPattern and RETokenizer. Incompatibility with Perl character classes has been fixed.

      •  07 May 2002 14:55

        Release Notes: This release adds the WildcardPattern class, which accepts a simple wildcard syntax. Two shorthand methods were added to the Pattern class: Pattern.matches(String) and Pattern.startsWith(String). A backreference bug and an incomlete matching bug were also fixed..

        •  04 Apr 2002 13:06

          Release Notes: A unicode notation bug was fixed. This bug caused a PatternSyntaxException to be thrown when patterns like "\uHHHH" were input.

          •  12 Feb 2002 20:11

            Release Notes: Major bugs have been fixed, and some methods have been added to the API.


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