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08 Sep 2010 07:17 alphazero

JRedis master branch has been updated for Redis 2.0.0 compliance.

26 Mar 2010 15:33 alphazero

JRedis-1.0-RC1 has been updated for full compliance with Redis 1.2.6. Google code project site has updated info. GitHub branch and tag info remain the same, w/ downloads updated.

26 Mar 2010 11:22 alphazero

If you're running into issues building the 1.0 RC1 release after pulling from the GitHub repo, read this:

22 Mar 2010 01:16 alphazero

JRedis-1.0-RC1 release details are here:

11 Nov 2009 20:17 alphazero

Added a google group for the project. Any questions/issues/etc. Post it here:

10 Nov 2009 00:39 alphazero

Source update only: Added support for the full Z* command set (for Redis 1.1 and later).

18 Oct 2009 17:59 alphazero

Asynchronous JRedis interface (JRedisFuture) and Pipelining (JRedisPipeline) are on the source tree. This is source update only for now while tests are beefed up but its usable. (See the examples directory for usage examples of the asynchronous connections).

01 Sep 2009 20:21 alphazero

Added JRedisService (and other cleanups). The service is suitable for multi-threaded usage contexts, as it is threadsafe. Perfect example would be in a web-app. Number of connections is configurable but will remain fixed for the duration. Also please note that this is not yet part of a release but has been tested for basic usage.

(source only update on github)

28 Aug 2009 16:13 alphazero

Added a bug fix that fixes issue dealing with empty string/zero length byte[] values. (source only update on github)

24 Aug 2009 17:53 alphazero

Just a heads-up that a series of incremental enhancements have been (and will continue to be) committed.

These are source updates only and you'll need to build ("mvn install") the project to generate the jars. (The release jars under /Release remain at the previous release update level).

As of now, the major enhancement is ability to customize the ConnectionSpec has been exposed at the client level. Planned is release of customization of Codecs for keys and values (for as an example, allowing compression of data).


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