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jmemcached is a fast network available cache daemon. It is protocol-compatible with memcached, but written in Java and suitable for applications with portability concerns, where Java is the preferred solution, or for using the memcached protocol in embedded applications with alternate storage engines. Existing clients for memcache work unmodified. It can run as a standalone daemon or be embedded inside an existing Java application.


Recent releases

  •  17 Feb 2010 21:47

    Release Notes: This release marks a major performance improvement in overall throughput. There has been a major reworking of the default underlying cache to enhance performance for heavily concurrent writes. The network stack was brought up to date, with various bugfixes related to protocol correctness applied, with performance being dramatically improved. All users of prior releases are advised to upgrade.

    •  23 Jun 2009 01:48

      Release Notes: This version adds support for the memcached binary protocol. It also fixes a major regression in support for non-ASCII data payloads in the text protocol.

      •  11 Jun 2009 04:10

        Release Notes: Major and massive performance improvements, protocol correctness improvements, and bugfixes. Debian packages are now created as part of the build. The network framework was switched from Apache MINA to JBoss Netty.

        •  17 Nov 2008 22:09

          Release Notes: This release adds support for a memory-mapped heap that is external to the JVM, to allow for much larger caches and to avoid memory impact on the main JVM. It has some performance and protocol compliance improvements. It has better command line options for specifying heap and ceiling sizes. It adds a battery of unit tests.

          •  09 May 2008 20:59

            Release Notes: A major bugfix to the ADD protocol method. An upgrade to the most recent stable Apache Mina version. Fixes to the internal cache API to expose proper methods for public use. A 'stop' method to cleanly bring the daemon down.


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