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Java Music Player

jlGui is a Java music player. It is WinAmp skins 2.0 compliant. It supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AU, WAV, and AIFF audio formats. MP3 and Ogg streaming support is also available.


Recent releases

  •  03 May 2004 21:15

    Release Notes: This release includes major enhancements such as SPEEX audio format support, an equalizer with presets, a seek feature, Shoutcast ICY metadata (title streaming, URL, server info, etc.) support, and ID3v1 and v2 and Ogg Vorbis comment support.

    •  01 Jul 2003 20:00

      Release Notes: This release includes a tags (Ogg Vorbis comments and MP3 ID3) viewer. It improves playlist with shuffle implementation and up and down buttons. It is JavaWebStart enabled.

      •  03 Apr 2002 20:02

        Release Notes: Drag and Drop support, improved support for WinAmp Skins 2.0, a new minimize button, double-click support to play song from playlist, a new feature to add files to playlist from directory,a popup menu on the title bar, MPEG 2.5 support through JavaLayer 0.2.0, JavaWebStart support, inclusion of the default skin and a jlgui.jnlp sample in the JAR file, improved configuration setup and API, and a new changes page, developer guide, and online samples.

        •  25 Feb 2002 05:02

          Release Notes: In this version, OGG Vorbis streaming support was added, along with a playlist UI, file and URL inv/crop/remove features, dynamic skin and playlist loading, and an audio file filter. WinAmp skins 2.0 support and MpegAudioSPI were improved, and a configuration file was added. jlGui 2.1 includes Javalayer 0.1.2 and VorbisSPI 0.6.

          Recent comments

          04 Aug 2006 09:06 Pfv2

          Nice work. Thank you for that open source code.


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