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JLAN Server

The JLAN Server is a portable Java file server implementing the SMB/CIFS, NFS, and FTP protocols. The server has a pluggable filesystem architecture allowing shared filesystems to be mapped to the local filesystem, database filesystems, storage servers, contact/document management systems etc. A number of filesystems are included with the server. The JavaFileDiskDriver maps to the local filesystem. The JDBCDiskDriver uses a JDBC database to hold the filesystem details with pluggable data loader classes used to load/save the file data. It includes file loaders that map to the local filesystem and store data in database BLOBs.


Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2005 19:24

    Release Notes: There is a new database filesystem driver. The kit includes support for mySQL, Oracle, and Derby/Cloudscape databases. The database may be used to store the filesystem structure, and optionally store the file data.

    •  19 Oct 2004 15:47

      Release Notes: Support was added for using the Win32 Netbios() API to better co-exist with the existing Windows file server. A new ONC/RPC implementation was created for the NFS server that is 25% faster on large file transfers and more memory effecient. A new RpcAuthenticator interface for NFS authentication was added. New group id and user id access control rules were added. A new DriveMappings configuration section was added to map/unmap drives when using the JLAN Server to provide filesystems for the local host under Windows. The code can now be compiled using J# to run under the .NET framework.

      •  19 Aug 2004 10:24

        Release Notes: This release added per-filesystem access control support with an extensible access control manager and access control rule classes. It also added quotas for per-filesystem or per-user quota management. WINS support was added, and NetBIOS names can now be registered against a WINS server or through broadcasts. The NFS server was updated for better client compatability, and a number of compatability issues with newer versions of Linux and Mac OS X were fixed.

        •  14 Mar 2004 13:27

          Release Notes: NTFS streams support and file locking support were added via optional interfaces. Support for the Java Service Wrapper from Tanukisoftware was added to allow the JLAN Server to run as an NT service, daemon process, or console app. PassthruAuthenticator was added to allow use of a domain controller or other server to validate users of the JLAN Server. Many performance enhancements and bugfixes were also made.

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          27 Feb 2013 15:26 sunjincheng59168

          so greate code


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