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JKFlow is an easy XML configurable report module for FlowScan. It gives network administrators the ability to monitor for specific applications/protocols/services on directions, which are sections of source- and destination subnets, that can be defined within subnets, on exporters or globally. is an additional CGI-script for displaying the RRDTool graphs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2005 21:16

    Release Notes: This release adds 'Autonomous System' monitoring support, 'Tuples' in scoreboarding, DSCP support, and an Absolute option in JKGrapher.

    •  08 Jan 2005 08:48

      Release Notes: This version improved scoreboarding with aggregation over time, combined host and port information, and updating links to the latest generated scoreboards. It is now possible to report on traffic not previously covered by any other directions, making traffic patterns drill-downs easier.

      •  25 Jul 2004 14:35

        Release Notes: <otherservices/> and <otherprotocols/> elements were added. A single src/dst Net::Patricia matching is used for both inbound and outbound directions. <scoreboardother/> will report hosts and ports not included in <services> and <ftp/>. Scoreboarding is now done in daily directories. The generateCountPackets generated code was fixed. The monitor attribute was fixed. Missing protocols or services names in /etc/protocols and /etc/services are now handled. The broken <all> was resolved. A problem in which <other> was not excluding FTP was fixed.

        •  02 Jul 2004 01:00

          Release Notes: This release adds the -<other/> element, and performance improvements with the introduction of code generation of wanted(), and countpackets() functions for every direction. It also features an application counting improvement, and a scoreboard sample rate correction.

          •  29 May 2004 21:21

            Release Notes: A bug which prevented adding the same exporter router or exporter router interface to multiple routergroups was fixed. A bug which prevented adding interfaces of the same exporter via routergroup(s) to the same directions with the (no)from, (no)to, (no)fromsubnets, and (no)tosubnets attributes was fixed. A bug which prevented reusing routergroups over multiple directions was fixed. This is a recommended upgrade from versions 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2.

            Recent comments

            10 Apr 2004 06:08 jurgenk

            noto, nofrom attributes are ADDED
            it's the main improvement in JKFlow 3.1, and they've changed it in &quot;removed&quot;


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