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Jikes is a fast, simple, source code to byte code compiler that emphasizes strict adherence to the Java language definition. It is a high-quality tool that will help developers quickly create Java applications.


Recent releases

  •  04 Oct 2004 09:42

    Release Notes: This release supports compilation using the rt.jar shipped with the released version of Java 5.0, but otherwise has no more support for new language features than the previous version. A number of bugs were corrected.

    •  16 May 2004 20:01

      Release Notes: A regression in 1.20 that caused it to complain about supposedly invalid.class files has been rectified. Some minor error message improvements have been made.

      •  19 Apr 2004 03:57

        Release Notes: Many new diagnostics were added, and by popular demand the default state of several warnings have been changed. Attempts to use a non-static member class from a static one without proper qualification are now detected. A first pass at handling Java 1.5 features and functionality was added to the source tree, but is not enabled in any binary.

        •  03 Feb 2004 04:14

          Release Notes: Several new warnings aimed at helping developers write better code have been introduced. Numerous bugfixes and command line interface improvements have been integrated.

          •  22 Nov 2002 06:16

            Release Notes: This release contains a handfull of bugfixes, including fixing some segfaults and regressions. It also introduces an entirely new error reporting scheme to allow new error messages to be added much faster, and is also more robust when syntax errors are encountered in the source.


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