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20 Oct 2011 16:40 abiusx

Integration with Wordpress is much improved and uses filters and actions instead of custom code now. Also jFramework functions are fully available inside wordpress code now.

20 Oct 2011 16:40 abiusx

Doctrine ORM 2 with suitable wrappers and configurations embedded, to use with PHP 5.3

20 Oct 2011 16:39 abiusx

The new graph based i18n added. Now every phrase in every language can be linked to phrases of other languages to form same meaning components of the language graph.

20 Apr 2011 09:11 abiusx

jFramework is much more mobile friendly now, it detects any kind of mobile device quickly, and provides appropriate interface.

20 Apr 2011 09:10 abiusx

A team of enthusiastic developers are switching to jFramework, this means the documentation wiki would be complete soon.
Also the integration with Wordpress is working nicely, And is also released as a commercial product (for a certain group of costumers of course)

30 Mar 2010 12:13 abiusx

jFramework 2.9.7 with Default handler, full tested PHP 5.3 support, new jLogo (jF version 3 logo) and a lot minor more things available at jFramework svn.
This would be the last jFramework 2.x version that would introduce any new features. All other 2.9.x versions would address issues and bug fixes, and versino 3.0 would introduce many new features.

27 Mar 2010 08:23 abiusx

jFramework 3.0 is on its way with all new Testing Framework, neat Administration Web Interface (i18n included), default handlers and a lot more. The approximate time of release would be 1 May 2010

30 Jul 2009 15:33 abiusx

A major release of jFramework is under heavey progress. Almost everything has been refined. RBAC has been developed using nested sets. Administration Interface have been developed as much as basic and intermediate needs are now fullfilled.
Controller has been greatly simplified, using two new core objects, jPath and jURL which does all the dirty path and url transformation work.
The file feeding has been improved to support continued downloades.
All the libraries have been improved. You can also customize path delimeters, two.
Unfortunately, the development team would go on a trip tomorrow for 10 days, so the next release would be after approximately two weeks.
Also the site would be refined.

04 Jul 2009 22:54 abiusx

jFramework 2.2.80 is out, this versions major change is that it does not redirect the
browser to the jURL resources anymore, instead the ApplicationController handles all resource management:
* Resources are dumped using the controller if DOWNLOAD_LIMIT is not set,
* Resources are pushed to the browser if DOWNLOAD_LIMIT set and the resource size is bigger than DISCARD value (e.g 500 KB resources like web pictures and scripts are discarded)
* Download Manager HTTP_RANGE support is going to be soon supported.

Also the documentation is more complete and MVC, Database Schema and Class Diagrams are added.
The next major release would have jPKI plug-in included as well.

26 Jun 2009 14:28 abiusx

Searching for a way to inter-op jFramework with other Open Source Softwares like MyBB, phpBB, Joomla, Gallery, zenPhoto and so on. This was jFramework could use these softwares as distributed copies or plugins. Do all these softwares support services for trivial tasks (such as user sharing)? Do I have to code wrappers there?
Someone with experience please assist me.


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