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jFramework is a PHP framework that supports internationalization best practices, fast NIST 2 RBAC, optimized multi-database drivers, URL management, MVC best practices, certified security, incredible performance, full support for Web 2.0 including Comet, simple yet powerful templates, many plugins, an administration Web interface, options, a profiler and benchmarker, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2011 09:09

    Release Notes: Lots of bug fixes and improvements were made. Many more plugins were added.

    •  06 Mar 2010 07:43

      Release Notes: Internationalization support was added and can be enabled from the administration interface. All constants were removed and the new Registry system introduced, which is much faster, much more dynamic, and doesn't ruin autocomplete. View Parser is now much faster.

      •  30 Aug 2009 22:42

        Release Notes: Fast and robust hierarchical role based access control was added. SQLite 3.0 support was added. jPath functionality was implemented for conversion of paths. HTTP_RANGE support was added for downloads. Custom error and status pages were added. Featureful error handling is included. Many more minor changes were made. A documentation wiki was added.

        •  12 Jul 2009 14:38

          Release Notes: A system Interface has been partially implemented (accessible via sys.main instead of app.main). Session Management has been tweaked to support parallel requests (for Comet applications). A few bugs in templates have been removed. There is support for per-folder templates, and support for string presentation instead of view presentation. Application Configuration has been separated from Application Settings. Some System Logging has been implemented. RBAC development has been switched on Nested Sets for hierarchical RBAC (still under development).

          •  04 Jul 2009 22:57

            Release Notes: This version's major change is that it does not redirect the browser to the jURL resources anymore. Instead, the ApplicationController handles all resource management. Resources are dumped using the controller if DOWNLOAD_LIMIT is not set. Resources are pushed to the browser if DOWNLOAD_LIMIT is set and the resource size is bigger than the DISCARD value.

            Recent comments

            20 Oct 2011 16:40 abiusx

            Integration with Wordpress is much improved and uses filters and actions instead of custom code now. Also jFramework functions are fully available inside wordpress code now.

            20 Oct 2011 16:40 abiusx

            Doctrine ORM 2 with suitable wrappers and configurations embedded, to use with PHP 5.3

            20 Oct 2011 16:39 abiusx

            The new graph based i18n added. Now every phrase in every language can be linked to phrases of other languages to form same meaning components of the language graph.

            20 Apr 2011 09:11 abiusx

            jFramework is much more mobile friendly now, it detects any kind of mobile device quickly, and provides appropriate interface.

            20 Apr 2011 09:10 abiusx

            A team of enthusiastic developers are switching to jFramework, this means the documentation wiki would be complete soon.
            Also the integration with Wordpress is working nicely, And is also released as a commercial product (for a certain group of costumers of course)


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