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Jenner is a Web page templating system with a twist: it runs completely within a Web browser. Templates are just normal Web pages with special syntax inside text nodes, attributes, or comments. Unlike other in-browser templating systems, Jenner does not require overloading of "class" attributes or invalid HTML; all Jenner templates are valid Web pages and the template expressions flow in a very natural way. Having the template engine in the Web browser instead of on the server takes a lot of load off of the server, and makes for a clean separation of presentation and content. Jenner is very powerful: it has the full power of the Esel expression language at its disposal. Templates can be rendered from JSON data, and can be re-rendered without a browser-to-server round trip.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2009 17:41

    Release Notes: Jenner will now always use Esel's expression cache. The included versions of Kouprey and Esel were updated. Performance was improved.

    •  12 Sep 2009 20:56

      Release Notes: The rendering operation now uses standard DOM methods, as opposed to browser-specific rendering methods. Events and other dynamic additions to rendered pages made in rendering handlers are now preserved between renders. Minor documentation fixes were made.

      •  01 Sep 2009 18:58

        Release Notes: A new stylesheet-based option for overcoming some browser-specific quirks was added, along with a stylesheet using this method. Cross-browser handling of lists was improved by addition of a list rendering handler. Documentation was improved. The included versions of Kouprey and Esel were updated to their latest versions.

        •  27 Aug 2009 03:50

          Release Notes: A bug that caused some effects of custom attribute rendering handlers to be overridden was fixed. Support for post-rendering callback functions was added. There were minor code and documentation cleanups.

          •  21 Aug 2009 19:19

            Release Notes: Compatibility with Internet Explorer was drastically increased. Handling of "style" and "class" attributes was made more cross-browser. Documentation updates. All of the examples now work correctly across all major browsers. This is the final beta; if no bugs are found, this version will become version 1.0.


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