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JEFF is an explanation facility framework written in Java. Explanation facilities date from the era of expert systems (ES), where they were used in order to provide an explanation about the inference process. The explanation they provided was supposed to clarify how the ES reached its conclusions or why it asked some question during fact acquisition. Nowadays, traditional ES development environments ("shells") have been replaced by rule engines (RE) and business rule management systems (BRMS), which seem to lack explanation facility functionality. JEFF was created in order to remedy this.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 May 2010 15:15

    Release Notes: Many typos have been corrected. STRATEGIC context has been added. InternationalizationManager is no longer a Singleton. Many methods in JEFFWizard have been renamed in order to provide shorter names. Some of the methods in JEFFWizard for producing reports (generate###Report) now have typed streams as parameters. JEFFWizard has been internally optimized in order to use one builder instance instead of two. Some explanation builders have been renamed. An option to add a title to the explanation has been added. An option to turn chunk headers off in the reports has been added.

    •  16 Oct 2009 10:51

      Release Notes: This is the first official prealpha release. The basic features include generating explanations in the plain text, XML, and PDF format as well as being able to internationalize the explanations themselves. The documentation is available separately for download as API documentation. No tutorials or manuals exist yet. Note that unit and integration testing has been performed, so this release should display no major bugs, but no guarantees can be made since no previous public releases exist. This is a prealpha release, so changes to the API and project structure should be expected.


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