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22 Jan 2003 06:55 scobie

A really nice small editor

I'm so very satisfied with this editor, for a very long time I've been looking for an editor that would be a good replacement for (g)Vi(m)/emacs that is small and not so bloated.

Since I have no need for 1000+ keybindings, mail-, newsreader, browser or similar. As long as I have formatting, highlights and the ability to "cut and paste" I am satisfied.

Jed fulfills all my need for that I need of an editor.

The only drawback that I've found is lack of documentation...

13 Mar 2000 17:24 progress

jed gives you rgrep
Note, installing jed (and possibly also slang) gives you rgrep, a great tool for finding strings inside of all files in a directory tree.

04 Mar 2000 11:29 miahrogers

my choice editor.
I like jed because it gives me much of the functionality, and macros from emacs, but without draining my computer. It even runs very well on my 486 laptop(always a plus). And it makes it much easier for me to find bugs by coloring my code for me.

22 Feb 2000 12:46 katsumi

I have been searching for a great console-mode editor for a while now, and I came accross JED recently and was *VERY* surprised!! It has a lot of the functionality of Emacs, but is much faster and lighter. It has syntax recognition and coloring and also formatting that works really well.
Overall I think this is the best text-mode editor I have ever used!

03 Jan 2000 15:28 hford

a brief longing...
remember back in the days - you had your DOS machine, you got your brief, you're processing tables and rows of data -- the likes of which had not been seen nay a year before... well say you've still got your msdos machine... with brief... and you're chugging along at the speed of pudding.

"wouldn't it be great," you ask yourself, "if I could run brief on my linux machine? maybe even while dialed in from home!"

"it sure would," I reply, "but jed only has brief emulation in the dos version...(dot dot dot)"

I would solely use jed if it had brief emulation under unix... i swear :)


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