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DIRT is a simple directory stack utility that lets the user use the same directory stack across terminals and sessions. The stack of directories is stored in a file (.dirtpile) in your home directory. All shell sessions access the same file, and thus, all of them use the same stack. DIRT supports jumping to specific entries, push, pop, swap the CWD with the top of the stack, and jump to the top of the stack. A set of CSH shell aliases are also included, and required for proper functioning.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2005 07:01

    Release Notes: In this release, all support files have been moved into a .dirt subdirectory, to keep your home directory from getting messy. A "migrate" feature has also been added to automatically bring old directory stacks over to the new format and layout.

    •  05 Feb 2005 23:39

      Release Notes: The ability to change directory stacks via the "list" control was added.

      •  13 Aug 2001 07:23

        Release Notes: The database file is now set to the user's home directory rather than an explicit path, and sample aliases for borne shell are included.

        •  28 Jun 2000 21:25

          Release Notes: Initial version.


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