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jConfigXML is a configuration manager written in Java that works with XML files and a URL or LDAP repository to read the configuration properties. It supports a two-level hierarchical structure which includes categories.


Recent releases

  •  09 Mar 2006 21:27

    Release Notes: This release includes two major new features. It supports Ruby-like script files as configuration files. There is a helper class integrated that can be used inside an IoC container like spring to load a configuration as a service. Small minor bugfixes are included.

    •  04 Oct 2004 09:46

      Release Notes: This release included several bugfixes for inheritance. A little CategoryBeanMapper helper class that can set the attributes of a Java bean with the properties from a category was added. The properties are now sorted alphabetically when the configuration is saved. A little tool that can visualize your configuration was included. It consists of stylesheets that transform the XML file to a dot file, which can be converted into various formats using graphviz.

      •  31 Aug 2004 08:36

        Release Notes: A major step forward was made to the goal of making configuration management easier. The inheritance of configurations is now supported, making it possible to extend another configuration and inherit its properties. Several small features were also included.

        •  03 Aug 2004 15:56

          Release Notes: A few bugfixes were made. A major new feature was added: you can now include properties in your configuration. These properties are treated as immutable variables. Use this, for example, when you need to move your configuration from a test to a production environment and put the differences into such a properties file. The configuration will be the same, and you have to change the few properties that might be different.

          •  30 Jun 2004 17:06

            Release Notes: A serious bug in the last release was fixed inside the ErrorReporter. This bug could cause a StackOverflowException if you have not defined an error handler as system property and there is no file in the classpath when a problem occurs when jConfig loads or saves a configuration. Users are strongly recommend to upgrade to this version.


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