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jcinc is an emulator for the Bell Lab's CARDIAC (Cardboard Illustrative Aid to Computation) computer. A CARDIAC assembler (casm) is included. The CARDIAC kit was published in 1969 to teach the internal workings of a digital computer and machine code programming. jcinc emulates the CARDIAC computer and allows the user to run CARDIAC programs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2005 23:03

    Release Notes: Single step mode and button controls.

    •  14 Dec 2003 06:57

      Release Notes: This is the first release of the Java version of the Cardiac emulator. This version supports a command- line interface, providing the same functionality as cinc, and also a GUI interface that can be used as an IDE for Cardiac programs.

      •  29 May 2002 02:36

        Release Notes: A fix for a bug in casm which only shows up in the Cygwin environment; this makes the code more portable. It might even fix the compile problem with Mac OS X.

        •  21 May 2002 04:15

          Release Notes: This version takes input from a source file given on the command line rather than standard input. Fixed a bug in casm that did not detect invalid negative numbers in EQU instructions, which could have led to bad code generation. The compilation and installation process was modified so that it can be used on different platforms, and the cinc command line options were changed.

          •  11 May 2002 05:03

            Release Notes: In this release, the cinc code is stable, however the casm code is still changing. The sample program test3.casm has been expanded to test all instructions, a segmentation fault and error reporting when there were more ENDP instructions than PROC instructions was fixed, the line number for each error detected is shown, and unresolved symbols are displayed. A new file, test4.casm, contains errors and is used to test error reporting.


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