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JCE taglib for JSP

JCE taglib is a set of Open Source JSP tags, communicating with Sun's JCE (Java Cryptographic Extensions) library to bring strong encryption to your JSP applications.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Apr 2004 15:25

    Release Notes: JSP 2.0 EL (Expression Language) functions were added. A final code cleanup was done.

    •  05 Jan 2004 14:23

      Release Notes: Reference documentation may now be automatically generated from source by converting from Xdoclet to TLD to the documentation. The code was refactored and cleaned up. Some small bugs were fixed.

      •  27 Feb 2003 19:53

        Release Notes: A form digest tag has been added for preventing unauthorized URL/Form variable manipulation. The code has been refactored and cleaned up. It uses Ant for building/rebuilding. The deprecated "DERConstructedSequence" method has been removed. Result printing now works when the tag body content is empty.

        •  10 Nov 2002 09:41

          Release Notes: This release includes a passphrase-secured symmetric keystore, optional random seeds, an RC4 stream cipher (for file encryption), the ability to clear sensitive information from memory after usage, and a tag reference that is available in printable PDF, Windows Help, and plain HTML format. This version also now uses StringBuffer instead of String for storing sensitive information (passwords, and clear text), PBE salts are now random and stored within the encrypted string/file, IV (initialization vectors) are now stored within the encrypted string/file instead of the symmetric key, and the default scope is now set correctly (= PAGE).

          •  21 Oct 2002 20:10

            Release Notes: This release has hybrid encryption, which combines different cryptographic functions such as block cipher, signatures, and X.509 certificates in one secure object.


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