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The JBossMX project is a JBoss application server implementation of the Java Management Extensions technology. It is optimized for speed in the MBean server invocation bus, and will support many advanced features such as security, transactions, MBean server federation, and fail-over.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Jan 2003 07:57

    Release Notes: This developer release includes the JBossMX Remoting package.

    •  26 Sep 2002 20:44

      Release Notes: This release includes JMX 1.1 serialization changes and an Open MBeans implementation.

      •  17 Sep 2002 17:12

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  11 Apr 2002 21:17

          Release Notes: JBossMX 1.0 implements the JMX 1.0 specification: Standard, Dynamic and Model MBean instrumentation, MBean Queries, Timer, MLet, Monitoring and Relation Services. Additional features include XMBean Model MBean implementation supporting externalization of the management interfaces to an XML file, high quality logging allowing you to plug in different log frameworks (including Log4j and JDK1.4 logging), performance optimizations for Standard MBean invocations and interceptor-based invocation design, and pluggable MBean registries and classloader repositories.

          •  14 Mar 2002 18:03

            Release Notes: This release contains all the functionality required by the JMX 1.0 specification. All standard services are implemented: Monitoring, MLet, Relation, and Timer. This also includes an interceptor architecture, advanced logging, and bytecode optimized Standard MBean invocations.

            Recent comments

            01 Mar 2002 04:56 juhalindfors

            ObPlug: get the book to get started with the source
            This is my obligatory plug for the JMX book:

            JMX: Managing J2EE with Java Management Extensions (

            The codebase for the JBossMX project is in many parts based on the ideas, designs and examples discussed in the above-mentioned book. To support the continued development of an Open Source project, please consider purchasing a copy.

            Thanks ;-)


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