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JBidwatcher is a powerful eBay-user tool implemented in Java. Its features include tracking of auctions, bidding, sniping (automated bidding in the last moments of an auction), and a unique multisniping feature that allows you to snipe on a group of auctions, but stop the sniping as soon as you win one. It also includes remote Web-based management, XML-formatted save files, drag and drop support, some support for auction sellers, and dozens of other useful auction features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2009 11:01

    Release Notes: Handling of eBay's HTML formatting and responses was improved. Handling of non-US eBay site items was made more consistent. The Web interface is now better synchronized with the main UI. Multi-snipe handling was improved, and multiple currencies are now allowed (though discouraged) in them. Several lengthy operations were moved to background handling. Mac OS integration was improved. Many bugs were fixed.

    •  15 May 2008 13:29

      Release Notes: Several eBay format breakages were fixed. An option to clear deleted entry tracking was added. Menu locations were improved. Performance was slightly improved, along with consistency and behavior clean-ups. Problems with changing end dates were fixed.

      •  30 Apr 2007 13:36

        Release Notes: This release recognizes some of eBay's changed text, including "outbid" pages and the CAPTCHAs. Error messaging and documentation were improved. Optional affiliate mode is offered for people who want to donate without spending money. Several bugs affecting sorting and displaying of currencies were fixed. Buy It Now and shipping recognition were improved.

        •  10 Oct 2006 16:44

          Release Notes: Remembering of screen position and size was fixed. Sorting now defaults to single-column sorting, with optional secondary sorting. Thumbnails are now resized if they're over a certain size. A 'Snipe Amount + Shipping' column was added. Right-click behavior on unselected lines was modified. Several start-up and shut-down freezes and crashes, multi-monitor issues, and tab and column display issues were fixed. Many small UI improvements and bugfixes were introduced. The re-login rate was reduced. Pending eBay layout changes were worked around.

          •  31 Mar 2006 20:05

            Release Notes: Fixes eBay's breakage of the Add Auctions feature. Many UI fixes, improved eBay item recognition, and some tuning for future features.

            Recent comments

            30 Jun 2008 22:10 raindog2

            No longer LGPL
            The current development series of this program (2.0) is no longer licensed under a GPL-compatible license. The author has chosen the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license for his source code. This app record should be updated.

            19 Jun 2008 21:41 newz2000

            great work!
            I got a great deal on a canon dslr using this client. Thanks a bunch.


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