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07 May 2003 11:54 silcndrgn

Needs a lot of work.
I've taken on a project of heavily modifying JAWmail for corporate use, but I think this was not the right web mailer to start with. Over all, the project has good potential, but at the moment, it is deeply obfuscated and has a fairly large share of subtle bugs. I've come across many very weird/ugly structures for generating components, nasty variable corruption, and other fun stuff. There needs to be more developers polishing this thing -- please clean things up!

23 Sep 2002 12:49 jpecar

Re: Imp?

Does the kde/gnome look just like windows? They do, for a good reason. The design just works. So is with the JAWmail vs. Imp. If you dig beneath the looks, you'll find where JAWmail differs from imp.

23 Sep 2002 00:50 wonko

Is it just me, or does the interface for JAWmail look exactly like that for Imp? Does JAWmail share code with Imp, or did the developers just decide to "borrow" the interface?


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