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JAWmail is a Web mail agent written in PHP. It uses a MySQL database backend and connects to any IMAP server. Features include sending and receiving of MIME mail, themes support, multitiple languages, plug-in architecture, and very simple installation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jan 2003 22:23

    Release Notes: This release fixes composition of messages with an attachment , improves the address book's import functionality, adds the ability to rename folders, fixes some problems with IE via SSL, fixes problems with next/previous arrows on the email reading page, and adds an option to force the usage of per-session cookies.

    •  04 Nov 2002 17:33

      Release Notes: Two new themes, two new plugins (Banner and Smileys), and two new translations (Spanish and French) were added. WAP support, client-side filtering, Sieve filtering, and pre-installation checks were fixed. An Empty Trash action and preferences were added.

      •  22 Sep 2002 23:31

        Release Notes: Two new plugins (address autograbber and spell checker) have been added. Folder managment with the UW IMAP server, handling of external images in HTML messages, the login history plugin, and some pre-install checks have been fixed.

        •  13 Aug 2002 20:17

          Release Notes: Folder management, message highlighting, WAP, and the preferences user interface have been fixed. This release adds a plugin configuration installation step and some plugins, like client-side message filtering, SpamAssassin SQL configuration, and problem reporting.

          •  11 Jul 2002 20:18

            Release Notes: This is a full rewrite since 1.0, based on the 1.9.2 code. The main new features are a robust object-oriented design, flexibility, improved templating and theme support, more reliable cookie handling, support for recoding messages written in different character sets, exchangable backend drivers for sessions, preferences, and others, an online help system, and a vastly improved address book. Also, a RPM package is available for the first time (not throughly tested).

            Recent comments

            07 May 2003 11:54 silcndrgn

            Needs a lot of work.
            I've taken on a project of heavily modifying JAWmail for corporate use, but I think this was not the right web mailer to start with. Over all, the project has good potential, but at the moment, it is deeply obfuscated and has a fairly large share of subtle bugs. I've come across many very weird/ugly structures for generating components, nasty variable corruption, and other fun stuff. There needs to be more developers polishing this thing -- please clean things up!

            23 Sep 2002 12:49 jpecar

            Re: Imp?

            Does the kde/gnome look just like windows? They do, for a good reason. The design just works. So is with the JAWmail vs. Imp. If you dig beneath the looks, you'll find where JAWmail differs from imp.

            23 Sep 2002 00:50 wonko

            Is it just me, or does the interface for JAWmail look exactly like that for Imp? Does JAWmail share code with Imp, or did the developers just decide to "borrow" the interface?


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