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Java Apple Computer Emulator

jace is a cycle-accurate emulation of an enhanced Apple //e. Its modular framework makes it easy for developers to swap out components (video/cpu/etc.) or add new emulated hardware.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2012 22:23

    Release Notes: This release fixes a nasty bug which caused crashes when joystick buttons (alt-keys) were pressed. Airheart is 100% playable again! RamWorks support is now available for up to eight megabytes of memory. The CPU can now log warnings if 65c02 extended opcodes are used. This release cleans a few improperly-implemented softswitches. The MMU implementation is 100% compatible now.

    •  05 Nov 2012 03:39

      Release Notes: There have been no new features since 10/31, this release is just recompiled to support "older" 1.6 JRE users, as the author had accidentally set the IDE to 1.7.

      •  31 Oct 2012 21:13

        Release Notes: 65c02 CPU emulation is now 100% and verified. CPU usage is greatly reduced. Games detect mockingboard now: SkyFox and Pitfall II. A Disk II speedup hack option was added.

        •  28 Aug 2012 19:11

          Release Notes: Mockingboard now sounds perfect with Ultima 5. Fullscreen support (press F9 to toggle) has been added. New graphical indicators have been added for ram, disk, serial, and mouse activity.

          •  02 Aug 2012 19:20

            Release Notes: This release re-architects the underlying memory event handler model to include CPU opcode/operand memory accesses. A new memory heatmap view has been added to metacheat (press END to activate); this lets you see active reads/writes/executes in memory as they happen. It fixes graphics glitches in hi-res mode. It improves RGB Mode 7 support to auto-detect RGB mode. It fixes a Disk ][ bug that caused hangups in programs like Apple Desktop ][. This is a very stable release.

            Recent comments

            16 Feb 2012 21:53 blurry

            If you would like to see the MIDI support in action, here's a recording of the Ultima V introduction:


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