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JamVM is a new Java Virtual Machine which conforms to the JVM specification, second edition (blue book). In comparison to most other VMs (free and commercial) it is extremely small. However, unlike other small VMs (e.g., KVM) it is designed to support the full specification, and includes support for object finalisation and the Java Native Interface (JNI).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2005 14:04

    Release Notes: This release improves the speed of string interning and object and array allocation. It incorporates the generics patch and the Classpath 0.15 boot library path patch. A couple of other minor feature enhancements have also been added, and several bugs have been fixed.

    •  05 Apr 2005 20:04

      Release Notes: Since the last announcement, the interpreter has been changed to use "direct-dispatching", and is now on average 80-100% faster. This release has been ported to Mac OS X/Darwin. Several other minor features have been added, and bugs fixed.

      •  24 Dec 2004 19:22

        Release Notes: This release sets the locale and associated system properties for use with GNU Classpath. A powerPC bug has been fixed that broke image display, and more zip consistency checks are included. A couple of other minor build changes have also been made.

        •  13 Sep 2004 15:35

          Release Notes: Major improvements include a substantially rewritten interpreter and Zip/Jar support in the bootstrap class loader. The interpreter gives a speed-up of between 15-30% on PowerPC and 50% on ARM. Several bugs have also been fixed. These are mostly concerned with "edge conditions", and didn't affect the majority of users.

          •  23 May 2004 11:27

            Release Notes: This release added support for GNU Classpath 0.09 and implemented the JNI enhancements introduced in Java 1.2. The deprecated compiler warnings in GCC versions newer than 3.3.3 were fixed (it now builds with GCC 3.5.0). Some build improvements were made along with minor bugfixes and performance enhancements.


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            Project Spotlight

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