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JamochaMUD offers Unicode, plug-in, and multi-language support (8 different languages) to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience. It features command history, synchronized window controls, experimental SOCKS 5 support, and greatly improved ANSI colour support. It plays nice on Unix systems, supports a wide range of MU*s, and also includes emulation of some TinyFugue editor controls. JamochaMUD includes classes that may be easily reused in other Java applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Mar 2012 04:34

    Release Notes: This release adds a contributed PathWalker plug-in that allows players to record and play back walking directions. It also features various smaller code fixes.

    •  11 Nov 2010 23:54

      Release Notes: This version fixes dropped text and missing hyperlinks. JamochaMUD now partially supports MXP (MUD eXtension Protocol).

      •  20 Dec 2009 18:19

        Release Notes: This release focuses on adding more Mac-like behavior to JamochaMUD when run on Mac OS X, including using proper menu accelerators (such as the Command key) and using the Mac OS system menu instead of the Windows-style frame menu.

        •  23 Nov 2009 02:08

          Release Notes: This release works toward better accessibility features, making JamochaMUD more useful with software such as screen readers. It has additional code clean-up and enhancements.

          •  13 Aug 2009 15:43

            Release Notes: This release implements a fix for SOCKS connections. JamochaMUD will now give more informative messages when it fails to connect to a server. Automatic login for characters has been fixed after it was inadvertently disabled in a previous release.


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