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08 Feb 2004 15:42 ruby_

Nice MP3 Database
First, Lots of compliments. It's a smooth running mp3 interface. Installing was'nt that difficult thanxs to your psql script.

There is only 1 problem I have. It's the updatedb script. There are several mp3's that generates Error's 'no mp3 info'. Re-encode is the only way to get rid of the error. All my software does'nt find a error, ie. Winamp, foobar2000, Mp3 catalog etc.

Thx for Jamdb

grtx ruby

04 Jan 2003 21:12 RickH

Great work on what is a very nice & functional mp3 database. Particularly handy for those needing quick access to a LOT of mp3's.
Granted, the docs still need some work - particularly in respect to at least mentioning that it requires PHP's PEAR support. ie. ("DB.php")
This one issue caused me several headaches & almost had me giving up. But was well worth the sweat & tears when things finally worked.
Newbies wanting to learn more about PHP (like myself), will do well to analyse this code also imo.
Marc, you're a Pro.

28 Nov 2002 12:45 GenesiNJ

Very nice looking mp3 db, the installation is way too complicated though. I suggest something like install.php to guide the users thru the installation


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