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Jaim is a Java library that implements the AOL TOC Instant Messaging protocol. The intention of Jaim is to simplify the creation of AIM "bots" in Java.

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Recent releases

  •  27 Apr 2003 10:25

    Release Notes: Keep-alive handling was improved, making connections to the server much more reliable.

    •  02 Nov 2002 06:36

      Release Notes: This version adds support for server-side buddy list storage and retrieval, a new event notification system that supports multiple event listeners, new events for login complete and config valid, descriptive error messages, notification of server disconnection, and modified message throttling logic.

      •  15 Jul 2002 13:55

        Release Notes: Several minor changes were made to the JaimConnection class. Debugging messages are now off by default and can be enabled by the new setDebug() method. The addBuddy() method can now be called after login as well as before, and the logIn() method now throws an exception if login fails.

        •  31 May 2002 14:29

          Release Notes: This release adds send rate limiting to sendIM() and fixes a bug in the normalise function.

          •  09 May 2002 00:57

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            25 Jun 2004 11:39 flasponge

            JaimConnection intermitent failure
            Why does JaimConnection only work about 50% of time:

            Here is an excerpt of my code that runs on startup of my standalone socket server...

            JaimConnection mConn;

            private static String HOST = "";

            private static int PORT = 9898;


            mConn = new JaimConnection(HOST, PORT);



            the connect hangs intermitently...I would say around 50% to 60% of time it fails.....then I can shutdown app...kill all java.exe instances (Win2K OS) ...restart app and the connect succeeds!

            What is up with that?...does anyone else go through this.....



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