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j-Interop is a Java Open Source library (under LGPL) that implements the DCOM wire protocol (MSRPC) to enable development of Pure, Bi- Directional, Non-Native Java applications which can interoperate with any COM component. The implementation is itself purely in Java and does not use Java Native Interface (JNI) to provide COM access. This allows the library to be used from any Non-Windows platform. It comes with pre- implemented packages for automation. This includes support for IDispatch, ITypeInfo, and ITypeLib. For more flexibility (in the cases where automation is not supported), it provides an API set to directly invoke operations on a COM server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jun 2013 01:53

    Release Notes: This release moves from LGPL v3 to EPL v1, removes GNU Crypto and moves to BouncyCastle, removes Wombat classes and moves to a Java implementation of the same, upgrades to the DCOM 5.7 protocol. lets j-Interop "negotiate" (as per DCOM specs) and use the latest protocol if supported by the Server, and adds many minor fixes.

    •  08 Feb 2010 11:21

      Release Notes: Major bugs were fixed regarding memory and session management. The JIVariant(Object) and JIVariant(Object, boolean) ctors have been removed. The JISession.createSession() method was introduced. This does not require any user credentials and uses the credentials of the "logged-in" user. It is native and works only on Windows with NTLMv1 only. The Java library path using -D"java.library.path" must be set to point to "NTLMAuth.dll", which is available with the jTDS project (

      •  13 Dec 2009 17:45

        Release Notes: NTLMv2 security has been introduced. An OOM issue due to improper logging has been fixed.

        •  01 May 2009 09:08

          Release Notes: This release fixes releasing of COM references more than once during GC by the library, which caused the "RPC server has disconnected" exception. There are one or two other minor fixes.

          •  11 Feb 2009 16:16

            Release Notes: A comparison has been made with the published MS DCOM specifications and any differences that could be found were reconciled. Of course, j-Interop does not fully implement the Bi-Directional feature, so those parts of the protocol have been left out.


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