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ixlib is a C++ tools library based upon the STL. It provides garbage collection, a small well-integratable JavaScript interpreter, linear algebra components (e.g., linear solver, LU decomposition), planar geometry, polygons, automatic arrays, rasterization for geometric primitives and polygons, regular expressions and XML parsing (non-DTD). Its main design goals were simplicity and small size.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Nov 2001 03:21

    Release Notes: The constant- and lvalue-wrapping C++ interface was fixed, FreeBSD support was added, JavaScript String.split and String.join, and matrix norms were implemented, and various JS bugs were fixed.

    •  30 Jun 2001 12:59

      Release Notes: Support for classes and inheritance was added to JavaScript. JS is now faster and more compliant to ECMAscript4. All JavaScript error reporting now includes line numbers. Source compatability was broken in the process. Base64 encoding was added. Compilation with gcc 3.0 was fixed, and now works properly. Some bugs were fixed in the string, lex, and matrix components.

      •  23 Mar 2001 20:38

        Release Notes: This release contains a new ring_queue container, gettext-internationalized strings, polymorphism in the garbage collector, and a revamped JavaScript interpreter that now supports constants as well as true lexical scoping. ixlib now has doxygen-generated documentation. Please note that this release breaks compatibility with the old JavaScript interface.

        •  12 Jan 2001 19:52

          Release Notes: A JavaScript interpreter was added, and the garbage collector was reimplemented to gain some speed and given some extra code to handle extraneous references. Numeral parsing was reimplemented for clarity and speed. Convex hull finding was fixed, and ixlib compiles on mingw32.

          •  15 Sep 2000 16:26

            Release Notes: This release adds a major speedup and fixes to regex code (now very close to Perl), adds polygons and rasterization, improves XML compliance (e.g. interchangeable use of ' and "), and adds some header documentation.


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