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Intelligent Wardialer

IWar is a "war dialer" used for auditing your PSTN (phone) network. Its features include random/sequential dialing, Voice over IP using the IAX2 (Intra-Asterisk eXchange) protocol, ASCII flat file and MySQL logging, a curses-based front end, key stroke marking, multiple modem support, several methods of "tone detection", save/load state, banner detections (to determine remote system types) and blacklist support.


Recent releases

  •  17 Jan 2006 05:36

    Release Notes: A problem with MySQL logging was fixed along with "custom" key stroke logging and a hang in IAX2 mode when a MySQL occured. Caller ID handling was changed to not allow spoofing as "911". In 'full logging' mode, the program now logs timeouts. A bunch of banners for identifying remote system types were included.

    •  15 Jan 2006 05:49

      Release Notes: Major bugfixes were made for BSD type systems. Some other minor bugs were also fixed. VoIP IAX2 (Intra-Asterisk eXchange) support was added. With this, you can scan with no additional hardware (such as an analog modem). Instead, calls are placed over the Internet. DTMF support for when under IAX2 mode was added.

      •  02 Dec 2005 20:04

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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