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iSQL(IndependentSQL)-Viewer is a JDBC 2.0-compliant application that can take advantage of platform features such as transactions, running batch modes, and database abstraction. Even in heterogeneous database environments, it supports all database platforms with a JDBC 2.0-compliant driver, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle. It provides a variety of tools to carry out both simple and complex database activities.

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Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2007 02:27

    Release Notes: A bug caused by closing of the application with a large query left in the editor was fixed along with some issues with variable substitution. Some missing elements in the service wizard were corrected. MonetDB and Gigaspaces were added as part of the default driver set to pick from when creating a new service.

    •  04 Jun 2007 01:00

      Release Notes: The application has been rewritten and reorganized. It uses a new embedded Derby database for storing and retrieving application components like bookmarks, services, and history. The service creation process has been improved. Syntax highlighting has been improved. There is better support for user variable substitutions in queries using the Java style of ${variable} as opposed to &&variable. There is a new UI layout.

      •  21 Jul 2006 08:35

        Release Notes: The entire code-base was reworked. This is an initial beta release with basic functionality like schema browsing, querying, bookmarks, and historical commands.

        •  04 Oct 2004 09:41

          Release Notes: Overall application stability was improved, paticurlary with making JDBC connections with certain drivers. Increased support for JDBC operations was implemented, including prepared statements and updateable resultsets. This version also included a new JDBC -> JDBC data migration tool that is an enhancement to the previous data import system.

          •  27 Jan 2004 07:10

            Release Notes: Context sensitive SQL generation is now available from selecting tables or columns in the JDBC Explorer. There is support for importing from the Solver. There is correct support for generated keys as a JDBC preference. The XML parser no longer needs to be included at boot time of the virtual machine. Unicode support was improved. The Export and Import wizards no longer raise exceptions. There is better OS X integration for clicking service files from Finder.

            Recent comments

            11 Sep 2000 10:31 htptk

            ISQL Update Information
            I have recently been very ill lately which has caused much delay on development of ISQL
            i am working as hard as i can to get the source commented and up to snuff to release on so that development can continue in light of my condition as i have had lots of positive feedback regarding the program and what is availble is only half of it. so this comment is an FYI as to the status i will be working on ISQL from time to time, and most of what i will be working on will be getting the source code up to snuff for release. as i am still recovering from my illness this will take a little longer than usual. i hope you all can bear with me and i hope to make ISQL one the better tools for developers and the like.



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