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01 Dec 2008 09:32 mischief

Can anybody recommend any decent alternatives to irssi?

11 Apr 2008 14:25 Thoron

Irssi 0.8.12 released
I hope this page gets updated someday too. ;)

27 Nov 2003 10:58 karina

Missing the GUI
Look forward to the day if/when the gtk gui is back online, It was nice having a worthy alternative to xchat among the gui clients.

21 Apr 2003 02:36 tarzeau

introduction to knoppix
Tonight, there's a little introduction to Knoppix ( on IRC.

29 Jul 2002 07:04 aaaaaa

Re: 0.8.5
Really? I don't have any RedHat system, but there's no warnings with Debian, Solaris or, *BSD or with pretty much anywhere that I've been able to test it. Maybe it's just some include file messing up things.

29 Jul 2002 02:37 MutedTCL

Lots of warnings will compiling on RH 7.2

10 Nov 1999 09:43 karina

GTK themes were giving me problems.
Was running the brush metal gtk theme... soon as I hit the themes section on irssi and I could see the memory graph in wmmon creeping up. Went back to the default gtk theme and there wasn't a problem.

10 Nov 1999 06:14 smita

Help Requested.

I 'm doing a Survey on testing techniques used in open source for one of my class projects. It is a simple survey( most of them multiple choiced) which takes about 5 min to complete. Now i need Some LINUX Developers who can take my survey.I need about 200 people who can volunteer.

I'm very much pressed for time.I'll be glad if any one can direct me to some developers or take my survey. My mail address is

Thank You very much,

07 Nov 1999 00:58 karina

Is it just me or does this thing chew memory
Fired up 0.7.16 up and within about 5mins all my mem and swap was full.... nice client, but seems some leaks need to be plugged


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