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Irssi is a modular, terminal-based IRC client with Perl scripting.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Dec 2008 00:18

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  11 Dec 2005 12:34

      Release Notes: Support was added for recode, isupport (005), passive DCC, and network-specific ignoring. Paste detection was updated. A lot of fixes and other additions were made.

      •  11 Dec 2003 00:56

        Release Notes: A potential remote crash has been fixed.

        •  23 Nov 2003 15:27

          Release Notes: Paste detection was added. This allow TABs to be pasted easily, and also helps the user to avoid accidentally copying and pasting 20 lines to some channel. SSL certificate support, DCC SERVER support, support for DCCing files larger than 2GB, better DCC transfer statistics, and lots of smaller things were added.

          •  19 Nov 2002 11:21

            Release Notes: Support for SSL connections, DCC send queues, better !channel support, and more.

            Recent comments

            01 Dec 2008 09:32 mischief

            Can anybody recommend any decent alternatives to irssi?

            11 Apr 2008 14:25 Thoron

            Irssi 0.8.12 released
            I hope this page gets updated someday too. ;)

            27 Nov 2003 10:58 karina

            Missing the GUI
            Look forward to the day if/when the gtk gui is back online, It was nice having a worthy alternative to xchat among the gui clients.

            21 Apr 2003 02:36 tarzeau

            introduction to knoppix
            Tonight, there's a little introduction to Knoppix ( on IRC.

            29 Jul 2002 07:04 aaaaaa

            Re: 0.8.5
            Really? I don't have any RedHat system, but there's no warnings with Debian, Solaris or, *BSD or with pretty much anywhere that I've been able to test it. Maybe it's just some include file messing up things.


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