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IRC Services

Services for IRC Networks (or just Services for short) provides for definitive nickname and channel ownership, automatic channel mode setting, memo (short message) storage and retrieval, and greater IRC operator control over the network.


Recent releases

  •  06 Apr 2011 01:43

    Release Notes: This is the final, end-of-life release for IRC Services. There are no substantive changes from 5.1.23.

    •  05 Jul 2010 04:20

      Release Notes: This release fixes a significant MemoServ security hole that allowed a user's memos to be read by other users, as well as a potential crash in the MemoServ FORWARD command (the latter fix was released as version 5.1.22).

      •  01 Jan 2010 03:11

        Release Notes: This release includes fixes for a few minor bugs found in 5.1.20. This is the final release of IRC Services; future releases will only be made if necessary to fix significant security issues.

        •  09 Aug 2009 00:35

          Release Notes: This release fixes a compilation error that occurs when building Services with glibc 2.10. There are no functional changes in this release.

          •  31 Jul 2009 14:20

            Release Notes: This is a maintenance release to fix a few issues of mostly minor severity.


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