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irclog-xml parses IRC logs, and converts those logs into XML and HTML. Currently supported formats include BitchX, mIRC, XChat, and Eggdrop (via Mel).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Nov 2002 01:00

    Release Notes: Certain combinations of XML::LibXML with certain versions of libxml2 are not compatible. Sometimes this incompatibility causes the DTD validation to fail, even though it shouldn't. Users should always use the latest XML::LibXML module together with the latest libxml2 'C' library. In cases where the DTD validation fails, you might want to try and use the new flag 'skip-validation'.

    •  24 Sep 2002 13:46

      Release Notes: The implementation of nick colorization was fixed.

      •  09 Aug 2002 00:46

        Release Notes: Support has now been added for nick colorization. Each matching nick can have all of the standard HTML font settings adjusted. Nicks are configured via an XML document.

        •  05 Aug 2002 23:59

          Release Notes: Regression tests passed against the new release of XML::LibXML (1.52), and minor tweaks were added to the CSS and XSLT documents.

          •  30 May 2002 07:15

            Release Notes: This version reworks the object model/design and cleans up other parts of the code, adds some testing modules, and adds a Makefile to allow users to test for prerequisites easily.


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