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IRC-API is a stateful, asynchronous IRC API written in Java. It offers an (a)synchronous programming model to its user, and has the ability to save the IRC server state per IRC connection. It supports SSL. The API has been tested on various IRC networks, including EFnet, DALnet, and Undernet. It offers a useful, detailed interface to the Server it connects to.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Sep 2012 15:03

    Release Notes: This release adds the long-awaited IRC feature DCC. The implementation specifically addresses files transfers throughout the IRC protocol. Four new APIs have been added, DCCSend, DCCReceive, DCCAccept, and DCCResume. All are built on top of Java's nio. Apart from DCC, more commands have been added to the API, and more bugs have been fixed.

    •  10 Jul 2012 20:15

      Release Notes: A lot has been done in this release to make it easier for the API user to extend it. For new weapons, a new messaging filter API has been added to the IRC toolkit. All the API methods now offer asynchronous versions. This release changes the IRCAPI interface, replaces checked by unchecked exceptions for all API methods, enables the API user to extend it to add his or her own API commands, and adds a simple message Filter API.

      •  10 Apr 2012 06:32

        Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

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        04 Jun 2012 10:16 migzified

        Recent builds can be found on


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