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12 Feb 2009 13:46 arnaud_dupuis

Project stalled

I wanted to warn everyone following this project (and not the development blog) that all development activity have been stalled on the slack-get project. This is effective immedialty and until further notice.

The reason is that I am currently working on another Open Source project ( and I have no time to develop both of them alone.

As soon as the release of this project occurs I will resume work on slack-get.


27 Oct 2007 02:45 arnaud_dupuis

New development blog

Since I resumed slack-get development I put online a
development blog were I can keep everybody
informed of the changes.

The point of this blog is also to discuss about
development problems, request of features and
implementation critics and proposal.

The blog is at

I hope to see you there soon !

Arnaud Dupuis

07 Sep 2005 04:02 L_Abbe

I have update links on slack-get page.

The new link is on version 0.9.1 wich is not a real release but a
bugfixed version.

But the fixes only concerned the GUI, the command line tool
(slack-get) is TOTALLY UNUSABLE. Please do not use it, for the
sake of your computer !

I will release today a pre-alpha version of slack-get 1.0.0.

This one is totaly new and fully functionnal ;-)

19 Apr 2005 14:08 L_Abbe

the futur of slack-get
Against all appearences, I am not dead and I don't
have stoped the slack-get's development.

But slack-get is at a point where the code is so worst
that it is impossible for me to continue the
improvement. So I have start to entirely recode
slack-get (and slack-browser) in a new code

I explain all reasons of this re-code and some new
features of the new release at :

10 Jan 2005 11:17 L_Abbe

Perl dependencies
For those who have problems with slack-get

dependencies (with the Slackware packages) there is 2

ways to solve the problem :

1/ use the source and at make time type make dep

2/ go to the website and download the file

slack-get-extra-modules-sources.tar.bz2 (it contains

the followings Perl modules : Qt, libwww-perl,

Time::HiRes and File::Reader)

Enjoy !

05 Nov 2004 23:07 L_Abbe

Big problem

I very sorry but I have forgotten to remove some devel

libs include in one file of slack-browser (the GUI).

So if you have a problem and Perl say something like

that :

can't find in @INC, please edit manually

the file /usr/lib/slackget/GUI/

and at the beggining you can find a line like that :

use slackget::GUI::slack_browser::logger;

remove this line and all will be good.

If you have another problem like that please mail me.

I will release a new version sunday afternon to correct

all this problem. I also release a package, with all

extra modules required (like Qt).

One more time, I am sorry for this problem.

20 Sep 2004 03:09 L_Abbe

slack-get 0.7.2 precision
Due to the massive malfunction of slack-get I have

done this release.

This version of the command line tool is the definitive

one for 0.8.0 release. This version is just a temporary

one before the release of the new major version, for

fast provide an usable version.

This is the only one working today !

08 Sep 2004 09:02 L_Abbe

web site down
The slack-get's website is now available. After a 2

weeks downtime, due to an error of my ISP.

I'm sorry for problems. The release planning is

modified by this problem, I hope to make the release

this week end or the next one.

One more time I apologize.


30 Jul 2004 05:31 L_Abbe

Futur releases
This stable release (0.6.4) is the last before the next major version (0.8.0).
In that order I will release :

- slack-get 0.7.1 (wich include a fix for the system call problem)

- slack-as 0.3.0 (wich will now compliant with the new website)

- slack-browser 0.2.x a graphical packages browser for slack-get and its plugins (the GUI include the possibility of updrade, remove and install packages with slack-get)

- maybe some slack-get 0.7.x...

- slack-get 0.8.0 (wich will include slack-lp a plugin for, slack-conf and slack-browser (or maybe they will be merge in slack-gui), slack-ipsi and slack-as)

The release of slack-get 0.8.0 is planned for 28/08/2004 18 H (Paris hour)

07 Jul 2004 16:01 L_Abbe

plugins update
I have add a plugin and a tool to the slack-get package but without change on slack-get code, so i don't release a new slack-get. If you want to downlaod the new plugin (slack-as) please goto the project homepage.


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