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ipac is an IP accounting package for Linux. It collects, summarizes, and nicely displays IP accounting data. The output of ipac can be a simple ASCII table, an ASCII graph, or even images with graphs showing traffic progression. ipac can be used for IP traffic analysis and for accounting purposes.


Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2000 01:50

    Release Notes: ipac now allows the generation of png images with a new libgd. There are several small bugfixes in this release.

    •  06 Jun 2000 12:28

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It is recommended to upgrade from 1.06 or older for ipfwadm (Linux 2.0.x) users and from 1.08 or older for ipchains (Linux 2.2.x) users.

      •  30 Apr 2000 09:25

        Release Notes: Bugfixes in ipacsum.

        •  26 Feb 2000 00:22

          Release Notes: Introduction of 'accuracy' to ipacsum, fixes for the 'first value too high' and 'the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole' problems, and a rewrite of fetchipac in C.

          •  24 Jan 2000 21:38

            Release Notes: PNG image generation instead of GIF images with a newer version of the GD library, and smaller changes.

            Recent comments

            19 Jul 2001 01:09 kbela

            IP accounting
            I have instaled ipac-1.10 and I have some questions because it is don't work.
            I have received an eror message like:


            /usr/local/sbin/fetchipac: cant open "/var/lib/ipac/data.db": File read error / Success
            /usr/local/sbin/fetchipac: cant open database file "/var/lib/ipac/data.db" for reading: File read error / Success
            /usr/local/sbin/fetchipac: cant open "/var/lib/ipac/data.db": File read error / Success
            /usr/local/sbin/fetchipac: cant open database file "/var/lib/ipac/data.db" for reading: File read error / Success

            The result from ipac is:

            IP accounting summary
            Host: / Time created: 2001/07/19 04:05:15 EEST
            Data from 2001/07/18 00:00:00 EEST to 2001/07/19 00:00:00 EEST

            and no more.
            Where is my mistake?
            I use Redhat Linux 7.1 with 2.4.2 kernel and ipchains.

            If you have the solution or sugestions please mail me:

            Thank you

            31 Oct 1999 11:46 crbryaniii

            Bad download links, need fixing
            The links point to v1.04. That version's no longer there, he strongly recommends upgrading to v1.05. Maybe he should have a symlink to "current", but the announcement is for v1.05.


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