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04 Jan 2008 11:05 uzsolt

Re: no longer lgpl
Me too. But I founded awesome...

04 Jan 2008 02:38 drvlad

Re: no longer lgpl
I actually find the change of license good: I was so darn obsessed with Ion that I was failing to realise there are much better pieces of software (wmii and xmonad to name two). Only after I read about the strange licensing terms did I get up to try something else.

07 May 2007 13:14 gvy

Re: no longer lgpl
I guess no longer interesting (from a debian bug posted).

Good luck, $AUTHOR.

07 May 2007 12:58 tehmoth

no longer lgpl
The license is no longer covered by the LGPL as indicated in LICENSE:

"The code of this project is "essentially" licensed under the LGPL, version 2.1, unless otherwise indicated in components taken from elsewhere. It is reproduced below. Additionally, the following terms apply to the use of the names Ion, Ion3, and other derived names:"

There are additional terms which restrict the license and are in conflict with it.

12 May 2004 09:51 rvb

Really nice
I have first tried ion in 2001 because i had a computer without a mouse. But I dropped it because i didn't find it as extensible as fvwm. With ion2 that changed, the power of lua is great. Handling ion is very comfortable and its code is very clear, so that it was an easy task to modify it to get it adapted to the broken areas of my laptop display. :)

Big compliment to the authors! :>

03 Feb 2004 03:14 opqdonut

Great wm

I had been using twm with two xterms and a lynx open and screen, and I never moved the windows. Then I heard of Ion from a guy. I tried it and have been happy ever since.

It's very light, even works on my 133mhz pentium :)

19 Nov 2003 16:58 sandjack

Color me impressed re: ion. It fills all of my window manager needs. It's upped my productivity.

And it fits on a floppy, folks.

I've looked through the site and noticed discussion of the impracticality of creating a Dock Bar that works with Ion. Let me offer my own two cents. What I would do if i had the time to get my elbows into the code is to allow someone to designate a single frame as the 'working frame' with a keystroke and to remove that designation with another. A working frame would function as a full screen, and any workspace someone switched to would be pulled up within that frame, probably scaling to fit.

Trying to load a workspace into a working frame would result in the working frame designation being dropped automatically.

In this way, a person can set up several applets, etc, in frames on the same workspace as the working frame duplicating the effects of a dock. If you wanted to get really fancy you could also have a special dock handler that makes sure things load into the right places at startup. You could also, however, leave one or two of these blank so as to have space to stick.

It's not perfect, but it's the only way I see to make a sticky-windows concept that is consistent with the look-and-feel of Ion.

28 Apr 2003 08:17 tuomov

Re: Recommended

> PLEASE, resume the development of PWM !!

The development of PWM has not been abandoned, only the two window managers are in the progress of being unified. PWM will eventually be implemented on top of 'ioncore' by loading floatws and menu modules.

03 Dec 2002 04:04 aviyag

Re: Recommended
PWM was much better...
dealing with popups and transient windows is poor.
i don't like the concept.
PLEASE, resume the development of PWM !!

06 Jun 2002 03:32 guyou

Care with mouse managed applications
As other comments, I find the ideas of ION really interresting and productive.

But, after some day of use in office, I noticed that some applications couldn't be used in this WM (eg.: framemaker^(TM)). This applications expect some feature of the WM that ION doesn't have.

So, my conclusion is use ION as you can, it's really a good WM, but care with applications that use lot of mouse actions.


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