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iODBC Driver Manager and SDK

iODBC is a cross-platform Driver Manager that comforms to the Microsoft ODBC 2.x & 3.x and X/Open SQL CLI data access specs. It enables the development of database-centric solutions that are both database and platform independent. This is a great SDK for porting WIN32-based ODBC applications to Linux and other OS platforms.


Recent releases

  •  15 Apr 2014 11:57

    Release Notes: This release adds minor changes, mostly to the build process. There is new support for building on recent versions of Mac OS X. Fixes include ones for an infinite loop in connection pooling, calling SQLCancel() from another thread, calling SQLInstallDriverEx() when the driver is readonly, and other minor issues.

    •  27 Mar 2012 14:15

      Release Notes: This version sees the project hosting transferred to GitHub for future development and the conversion of Mac OS X UI to XIB format for Mac OS X 10.5 and newer versions. Fixes include an issue with tracing multiple chunks in SQLGetData, an issue with tracing on big-endian machines, an issue with using previously freed memory, and other minor bugfixes.

      •  16 Sep 2009 15:22

        Release Notes: This version includes the iODBC graphical Administrator component for Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard) released for the first time in open source format. The iODBC CFM Bridge for Mac OS X is included, facilitating connections from Microsoft Office (Excel/Query). Additionally, windows in the GTK-based administrator are now resizeable, and there are other minor bugfixes. There is also a new redesigned Web site for iODBC.

        •  10 Oct 2007 15:40

          Release Notes: This release contains added support for GTK+ 2.x in the graphical Administrator. A long mutex lock on connect, problems with SQLBrowseConnect, missing functions in the export list, a core dump when checking for driver ODBC version, an allocation error in SQLDescribeCol, the RPM specification for Red Hat, the use of SQLFetchScroll in iodbctest, and porting problems on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and OSF were fixed.

          •  08 Jan 2007 15:21

            Release Notes: This version adds two major new features. With File DSNs, you can store connection parameters in separate files per DSN (under /etc/ODBCDataSources/ by default). Connection-Pooling allows you to keep a pool of ODBC connections active for quicker (re)connection. Additionally there are several small bugfixes, including SQLSetStmtAttr(), a check for /Library/ODBC/ and other build issues on Mac OS X, and use of localtime_r in tracing where available.


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