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13 Jul 2005 07:04 jdebay

YES a grand slam...
Just finished downloading 1.3.5a_en. Insert saved my butt again.

I had deleted the mbr on my second drive by accident. Booted Insert, ran one of the utilities, rebuild mbr and partition table.

ALL DATA WAS there again. In fact it was better than before. This was a 160gb hard drive. With over 100gb of data that was needed.

A windows partition and 3 linux partitions, 2 reiserfs and swap area.

But Insert solved that problem again.

Insert keeps saving my butt...


04 Jun 2005 16:49 jokmi

troubles with usb-install
I'm having problems trying to install Insert to a USB with usb-install. It stopped in Grub installation so I've tried that manually: grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/usbinstall /dev/uba . First it gave the "/dev/uba1 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive." message, then I fixed the file somewhat according to www. Now it gives "The file /mnt/usbinstall/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly."

My has this line now:

(hd0) /dev/uba1

Where is the correct forum to post bug reports etc?



01 Jun 2005 10:52 jdebay

home run again or was it a grand slam...
Just finished downloading 1.3.5_en. Testing now and I think it is another home run again or was it a grand slam...

So far all that I have tested works... Yes, it works. I reconfigured network card to my network. started links and on the Internet.

did fdisk -l and it showed me hard drives correctly attached.

did mount and it showed me what was mounted nothing

to do with system only livecd mounts.

I love this system....


17 May 2005 02:45 agustincordoba

This project is really coming along well. Lookingforward to seeing the Kernel 2.6 version soon.

A couple of questions, both to do with upgrading applications: Is there any easy way to upgrade ClamAv so it doesn't keep telling me that it is out of date. Also with ClamAv Gui I tried scanning one of my hard drives, but it gave many input&output errors.

The other application I would like to upgrade is Firefox, or on restart install version 1.04 instead of 0.8 - how can I do this?

Many thanks for making these tools availble



06 Apr 2005 20:36 cbagger01

Nice Job!
Thank you for developing this extremely useful tool.

It is very useful for maintenance work, testing, image transfers, virus scanning etc.

Your latest additions are very helpful.

The calculator application is needed when determining blocksize calculations for fdisk utilities.

The pv viewer is needed for progress updates when doing large file transfers like partition backups via "dd" program.

Also, the INSERT included in the Ultimate Boot CD is a nicely tweaked version of the base iso that is very easy to use for GUI users. The only bad thing is that the UBCD INSERT version is a little bit out of date and SATA support is not as good as in the linux kernel version that is part of the most recent release of INSERT.

If you could convince the UBCD guy to update his tweaked INSERT, this would be the perfect solution.

29 Mar 2005 06:19 jdebay

Re: Seeking forum for Insert project...

> Hello - I would like to know if you

> have a user forum for your project?

I would also like it too, to have a forum.

Works great from cd, unable to make Insert work from pen drive.

01 Feb 2005 11:35 broecker

Re: INSERT (remastering)
INSERT is a great base for administration,
for version 1.2.17 you can get a short description how to remaster it.
- broecker at netz-i dot de

07 Jan 2005 09:09 antwerx

Seeking forum for Insert project...
Hello - I would like to know if you have a user forum for your project?

19 Dec 2004 09:54 Bloody100

I think INSERT is the best Rescue-LiveCd around.

Based on Knoppix, very compact but still featuring

an X-Window manager, captive and a handy bunch of

tools. Currently, i only miss 2 things: USB-Stick install

and CD remastering, but both are planned by the

maintainers for upcoming releases.

18 Dec 2004 01:09 mad

some things missing
am missing support for console on ttyS0 and the ability to boot insert over pxe nics.


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