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INSERT (the Inside Security Rescue Toolkit) aims to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose disaster recovery and network analysis system. It boots from a credit card-sized CD-ROM and is basically a stripped-down version of Knoppix. It features good hardware detection, fluxbox, emelfm, links-hacked, ssh, tcpdump, nmap, chntpwd, and much more. It provides full read-write support for NTFS partitions (using ntfs-3g), and the ClamAV virus scanner (including a fairly recent signature database and a GUI). It provides partition handling with gParted and also has a network boot facility.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Mar 2007 10:24

    Release Notes: This release brings a few small updates and more or less cosmetic changes to xfprot-gtk.

    •  16 Feb 2007 08:49

      Release Notes: The Linux kernel was updated to ClamAV 0.90 with experimental features activated is used. ntfs-3g was updated to the first release candidate. The GUI for clamav (avscan) was replaced with a GUI for (the downloadable) F-Prot (xfprot). Support for ISDN was completely dropped. The persistent home directory feature should work again.

      •  23 Nov 2006 14:31

        Release Notes: This release brings minor updates and a few bugfixes. The latest version of ntfs-3g is included, so people interested in using the NTFS write support should upgrade.

        •  21 Oct 2006 07:57

          Release Notes: Most of the sotware packages and the kernel ( have been updated. The latest versions of GParted, partimage, and clamav were included. Captive-NTFS was dropped in favour of NTFS-3G, which is faster and more reliable. Firefox is now available via a download and install script. An install script for the F-Prot virus scanner (for home use) has been added. Most of the known bugs were fixed.

          •  23 Feb 2006 09:23

            Release Notes: The size of the toolkit has grown to nearly 60MB, which shuold still fit on certain credit-card sized CDs. The kernel was updated to and captive was updated to 1.1.7 and can now use the Windows XP driver files from SP2. The native NTFS driver and tools now also have write support, albeit somewhat limited. A custom build of the latest version of the gparted graphical partitioning GUI was included. ReiserFS 4 is now supported, as are HFS and HFS+.

            Recent comments

            31 Aug 2007 02:58 matzmann

            Re: Antivirus
            Ii should think, if you want to use a linux system to operate on your harddisk, you should first make yourself familiar with using such a system (i.e. know how to mount harddisk partitions etc.). Also you should start reading the (small bit of) documentation that comes with INSERT. You can see it in the browser after system startup.

            INSERT is designed for use by experienced (linux) users.

            INSERT tries to provide the tools - you need to provide the knowledge.


            31 Aug 2007 02:54 matzmann

            Re: LCD Problem
            Maybe try giving it an 'insert vga=normal' on the boot prompt.


            31 Aug 2007 02:50 matzmann

            Re: Boot from FAT16 USB Flashdrive
            Should be OK in the next release.


            31 Aug 2007 02:48 matzmann

            Re: 64Mb usb key, not enough space
            This will be fixed in the next release.


            31 Aug 2007 02:47 matzmann

            Re: missing sata-sis support
            sata-sis is statically compiled into the kernel.

            To do a custom kernel build is not easy, and instructions and files are hard to keep up to date for download.
            (Sorry, no time for that. Maybe a a later time.)



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