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The Informa RSS Library provides a convenient Java API for handling news channels and metadata about them. Different syntax formats (like RSS 0.91, 1.0 [RDF], 2.0, and Atom 0.3) for feeds are supported. There is also basic support for channel information descriptions (OPML). A full-text engine (Lucene) can be used for indexing and searching the news items. Two backends for storing the data are currently provided: In-Memory and Hibernate (which allows you to persist news items into allmost any JDBC compliant database).

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Recent releases

  •  07 Jan 2007 07:55

    Release Notes: Informa was migrated to Java JDK 5. The auto-generation of Hibernate mapping files with XDoclet was dropped in order to have full control over the mapping definition. Hibernate was upgraded from version 2 to 3. A new persistence manager allows you to integrate more easily with your Spring-Hibernate configuration. Some bugs were removed. The Atom parser was greatly improved.

    •  30 Sep 2005 23:42

      Release Notes: Support for the Atom 0.3 news feed syntax has been improved. The poller and cleaner worker threads are now daemons. Session locking in HibernateUtil has been reworked to improve thread safety. Many more improvements to the Poller module. Many small bugs related to encoding problems have been fixed. The JDOM library has been updated from b10 to 1.0.

      •  18 Oct 2004 22:47

        Release Notes: This release adds three new modules. The new persistence manager concept allows convenient operations on channel groups, channels, and news items. You can choose between the In-Memory and Hibernate persistence manager implementations. Poller and Cleaner modules have been added for convenient multi-threaded background polling of changes in channels and cleaning of channels.

        •  29 Jun 2004 22:50

          Release Notes: This release contains support for parsing feeds according the Atom 0.3 syntax. An exporter to write news feeds in RSS 2.0 has been added. The FeedManager was substantially improved and now supports conditional HTTP GET requests, which enables the refresh daemon to use fine-grained cache settings.

          •  30 Jan 2004 23:07

            Release Notes: This release restructures core interface inheritance through the introduction of MetaInterfaces (MIF), breaking neither the public API nor any implementations. Some minor bugs were fixed (among them bug[880438]). The Hibernate backend was improved concerning robustness, and version 2.1.1 of the Hibernate library is supported.


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