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infobot is an IRC bot written in Perl 5 which implements a sort of artificial intelligence by learning information ("factoids") from channel discussions and then responding intelligently to queries about this accumulated information. It also acts as a gateway to other useful sources of information (e.g. online dictionarys/weather stations, internic WHOIS database, DNS, IMDB, slashdot headlines, search engines, other infobots).


Recent releases

  •  27 Oct 1999 17:10

    Release Notes: Support for arbitrary RSS files that can be updated on-the-fly (including one for, the ability to retrieve currency exchange rates from the net and to connect to the excuse server and generate excuses, a re-enabled search capability, a new 'literal' query which shows an internal representation of factoids, a 'purldoc' module for searching Perl FAQ questions, a Zippy module, 'divine' (a magic 8-ball), the ability to use MD5 passwords, and several bug fixes.

    •  12 Aug 1999 22:14

      Release Notes: New interfaces for USAir flight info, insult server, METAR, most existing search engines; new security factpack; new "shut up" and "wake up" commands; other miscellaneous changes.

      •  19 Jul 1999 19:49

        Release Notes: CTCP DoS and other bug fixes, updated docs and factpacks, added a new slashdot headlines module.

        •  17 Jul 1999 02:48

          Release Notes: Many changes, including a babelfish translator and insult server (both require LWP).

          Recent comments

          10 Aug 2003 09:27 sklein


          As of August, 2003, there is little development on the Infobot codebase. However, there is active development on Mozbot (, a similar, modular bot, also written in Perl, which has the Infobot's features and many more.


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