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Induction is a request-based Java Web application framework with support for dynamic application reloading, type-based dependency injection and dependency analysis between models, and views and controllers using popular IDEs.

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Recent releases

  •  12 Feb 2010 17:25

    Release Notes: New support for error handlers. A new @@ directive in the config XML to configure error handlers. New high-performance template output buffering. The output of a template is sent to the client only if the template completes without errors. Nothing is written to the client for a template that has errors, so users no longer see the messy stack trace generated by a templating engine. An error handler now has more options, such as returning a redirect or error code to the client (since no writing was started on the response).

    •  23 Nov 2009 07:17

      Release Notes: Injecting the ControllerResolver.Resolution or ViewResolver.Resolution in a request interceptor incorrectly threw an exception if resolution objects were null; this has been fixed. The code now throws an exception when an attempt is made to access a session scope model from a context in which no session is available; previously this caused a NullPtrEx (in the ModelPool class).

      •  02 Nov 2009 11:54

        Release Notes: Powerful new support was added for request interceptors backed by the same zero-config dependency injection used throughout Induction. ShortURL resolvers were enhanced to support a new directive in the section of the Induction configuration. For example, this directive can be used to map a hyphen in a URL to, say, an underscore in a controller/view class name. Two minor bugs in version 1.2.0b were fixed.

        •  30 Jun 2009 09:11

          Release Notes: This release supports direct mapping of URLs to views. Previously views could only be activated by controllers. It also includes powerful clean URL support via new regex-driven resolvers, support for controllers to return a view type in addition to the previous support for returning a view instance, a new directive in the Induction configuration XML, a new directive to support initializing application scope models on startup, and enhancements to expand access to system level objects in controllers and views for use by specialized applications.

          •  03 Jul 2008 11:51

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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