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IndiMail is a messaging platform built using qmail and other messaging software. IndiMail has the ability to distribute the users in a domain across multiple hosts. IndiMail has multiple queues (called a queue collection), which can achiever very high concurrencies. The system IDs and configuration files used by IndiMail are all configurable through a set of environment variables, allowing you to customize IndiMail the way you want. IndiMail does not use hard-coded uid/gid in the executables, which makes it easy to distribute a binary package. IndiMail has features that any modern email server should have: SMTP, QMQP, QMTP, IMAP, POP3, DKIM, BATV, greylisting, filtering capability, and spam/virus control.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

New Tutorials Posted 05 Mar 2010 03:51

Two new tutorials on accesslist and authenticated SMTP have been posted at

Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2013 19:40

    Release Notes: This release adds domain-specific queues, an IPV6 spf version, and the ability to control the email delivery rate to specific domains.

    •  11 Jun 2013 13:02

      Release Notes: This release adds the standalone mta package indimail-mta, fixes setting of quota=NOQUOTA in vlimits, adds the new postgres sql auth module authpgsql, and upgrades the packages bogofilter (1.2.3), fetchmail (6.3.26), courier-imap (4.13), and clamav (0.97.8).

      •  22 Jan 2013 14:43

        Release Notes: Does not skip X-Mailer in DKIM signing. Fixes a tcpserver bug causing IP address match with cdb to fail. Makes diskquota, maxmsgcount, defaultquota, and defaultmaxmsgcount in vlimits unsigned. DISABLE_CNAME_LOOKUP functionality for qmail-remote. A new program rrt to respond to Return-Receipt-To requests. Added functionality to enforce STARTTLS before auth using FORCE_TLS env variable. Upgraded to fetchmail 6.3.24.

        •  05 Aug 2012 07:31

          Release Notes: A vchkpass mod to fix Outlook authentication when using AUTH DIGEST-MD5. A fix for an SPF query in qmail-smtpd. A fix for a quota bug in adduser due to use of 32-bit integers. g/G suffix is used to specify quota in gigabytes. AUTH DIGEST_MD5 authentication has been added to swaks. High CPU usage in qmail-smtpd at EOF due to an infinite loop in the blast() function has been fixed.

          •  10 Dec 2011 11:45

            Release Notes: CRAM-SHA1, CRAM-SHA256, CRAM-RIPEMD, and DIGEST-MD5 authentication support in qmail-smtpd, qma. AUTH PLAIN, AUTH LOGIN, AUTH CRAM-MD5, AUTH CRAM-SHA1, and CRAM-SHA256 support in IMAP/POP3. The ability to use AUTH PLAIN and LOGIN with plain text passwords in the database. The ability of iwebadmin authentication to work with plain text passwords in the database. Repos for Mandriva 2011 and Ubuntu 11.10. RFC 3798 compliant qnotify for automatic Mail Delivery Notification (MDN). MD5 for 64-bit systems has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            15 May 2011 13:41 mbhangui

            finally debian packages available for indimail on obs

            05 Apr 2011 02:50 mbhangui

            This is release 1.8 and not 1.9. My mistake and looks like I cannot change the release number in the announcement

            26 Mar 2010 10:59 mbhangui

            Release 1.7.2 will come with QMTP service. Release 1.7.2 will allow qmail-multi to user alternate queue program (like qmail-qmqpc) instead of qmail-queue.

            Stay tuned for 1.7.2 release in the last week of Mar

            09 Mar 2010 11:12 mbhangui

            Release 1.7.1 will feature a tls/ssl protocol wrapper called sslerator. This will enable IMAP/POP3 proxies to support STARTTLS. Additionally, the man page for indimail has been expanded to include description of all commands

            22 Sep 2009 11:18 mbhangui

            IndiMail now has a git repo at git://


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